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Hi there! I'm Susanna and I have a love/hate relationship with practice.

       Maybe you do too?

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Here's the good news: practice doesn't have to be painful or ho-hum! I'm here to help you transform your practice into something empowered, daring & disciplined. Something that feels good. 

Practizma (praak-TIZ-mah): a feeling of efficiency, empowerment, and joy associated with practicing music.

After years of loathing too many moments in practice, I started noticing the same trends in my students and colleagues. I wanted a solution, so in 2010, I began creating resources for efficient practicing for my studio of violinists at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Here's what I've learned. While we can all agree that progress is paramount, it can't be the only goal. Feeling good about our journey is important. It is not an afterthought, a byproduct, or a bonus. Joy fuels artistic growth and sustains us as human beings. 

I am interested in cultivating "what if" practice, the kind of practice that is stimulating, daring, surprising, and deeply satisfying. I think we can make ourselves happy with practice, if done right.

Eventually, I coined the term "Practizma" for the powerful and positive musical process I was trying to promote.


Practizma (praak-TIZ-mah): a feeling of efficiency, empowerment, and joy associated with practicing music.

Then, I took all my research and wrote a practice journal called Practizma all about how to incorporate efficiency, empowerment and joy into YOUR practice.


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Ignite your practice and download the intro + 3 sample prompts from the Practizma Practice Journal!

designed to empower your practice!

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Practice Resources

I've got it all here for you: a blog, my practice YouTube channel and a PDF with 30 ideas on how you can add more efficiency, joy and empowerment to your practice.


Practizma Practice Journal

Get 16 weeks of efficiency, empowerment & joy! Proven Strategies for getting more out of your practice sessions and feeling good about the musical journey.

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Wish you had instant replay on something you just did? This app does just that since it's always recording! I wanted a solution to the challenge of recording, so we made one. 



During the day I'm a professor, at night a violinist, and at twilight I'm a writer! 

I study practice psychology and how technology enhances practice. That's what lead to the Practizma Practice Journal!

And the big news: I'm currently in the middle of writing a big book on the psychology of practice (gulp).

Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, I have enjoyed a varied career as a violinist, educator, author, speaker and researcher on the East Coast.

I'm the author of the Practizma Practice Journal, the co-creator of the Clipza app (so you can take better video when you practice), and the Associate Professor of Violin and Coordinator of strings at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Recent workshop & publication clients

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Once a month I send you the latest tips to help make your practice more insightful. Plus, sign up and I'll send you the intro to the Practizma Practice Journal as a gift.

"All the workshops were awesome. I couldn't have asked for more. The students loved it."

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