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Practizma Workshops

Fact: Students are hungry for practice tips and a new kind of empowered, positive truly 21st century approach in the practice room.   As a workshop presenter, Susanna Klein folds the latest positive psychology research and high performance tips into wildly dynamic, entertaining, and interactive workshops with students. Workshops have kept students buzzing long after the standing ovation. Workshops help students progress faster, become smart practicers, and take charge of their own destiny.

 Empowered Practice: Habits that build confidence

Feeling good about our musical journey is not a nice to have, it's a must-have. Our habits can make us happy or miserable. The best practice habits fuel not only our progress, but our state of mind as well. This workshop teaches musicians how to cultivate empowered habits - practice habits that make us more confident, more relaxed, and more efficient in our work.


Research from the human behavioral sciences can show us how to build a tool kit of

  • efficient practice habits 

  • empowered work habits

  • tips for feeling the joy again.


This workshop is designed to provide simple solutions for complex musicians. This is the X Factor.

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 The Anatomy of Practice

Breaking things down and putting them back together, that's what great practice is all about. I explain a touch of neuroscience and introduce tactical tools.

Practice = working on imagination & movement.


This workshop is designed to identify the most powerful breakdown mechanisms for students:

  • separation training

  • pattern training

  • cross training

  • ergonomic training

  • isolation training

  • sequence training

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Injury Prevention for Musicians: The Artist Athlete

​Injury rates among musicians are epidemic and definitely preventable. This 50-70 min. presentation covers the following topics: scope of the problem, common injuries, causes, solutions and tools for prevention - everything NASM wants schools to cover.  It can be presented for instrumentalists alone, or instrumentalists and singers.

Covered Topics:

  • what are the most common injuries?

  • what causes or contributes to injuries?

  • best injury prevention techniques

  • hearing damage facts and prevention info

  • great apps for data driven & efficient practice

  • take home handouts, plus Q&A

Package Includes:

  • 50, 60, or 75 minute presentation, depending on client needs.

  • PDF handout and electronic copy for student handbook

  • Poster campaign PDF file for awareness around school


What faculty members are saying:


“Susanna Klein has an uncommon ability to connect with students - her blend of humor, warmth, and genuine excitement about music and teaching create an atmosphere ideal for student learning and exploration.”

“Susanna’s insights into how students learn and how to help them become more effective in their practicing is great, but not simply because of her pedagogical acumen - it is her ability to help students discover, or rediscover, joy in music-making that makes her approach special. Her enthusiasm is contagious!”

“Susanna Klein's lecture was loaded with useful tips on injury causes and prevention.  Coming from an active musician/performer/pedagogue, the presentation couldn't have been more actual and welcoming due to the fact that so many of performing musicians and students suffer from some form of injury.  It is a subject on every performer's mind and definitely not talked enough about. All the students and faculty walked away with new understanding on the causes and prevention of injury. Entirely to the point, thoroughly researched, Susanna's lecture in its delivery left the college students informed and enlightened”

What students are saying:

"♡ it and ♡ you - it was great. Having the stats  gave me a whole new perspective"

"Great! Very informative on what I was doing wrong. This was very helpful on how I can use my limited time!"

“Very informative and useful. This should be  talked about more!”

"It had a treasure trove of valuable information."

“The presentation  as a whole is really motivating. I know so much more now, and know how  to implement strategies”

“My biggest issue in general is practice habits. The stats  on injuries were surprising - this is really important information”

"What an excellent presentation!  Informative, useful, and really interesting"

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