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Do you wish you could capture just a moment of practice? Yep, you can.

We didn't like the recording options for practice or social media , so we created Clipza.

Already have Clipza and looking for help using it?

Click the button below.

Clipza lets you record - or clip - what has already happened.

There is no start button.

No fuss, no missed moments. 

The camera is always rolling.

Snag a moment of practice.

Capture a highlight at a gig.


Part of empowered, brave practice is recording. Yet we resist it even though we know it's one of our most powerful tools in the toolbox. Then one day I noticed my kids rewatching awesome plays they'd made while playing  Xbox. And I thought, hm. Musicians need that. So we built it.

Here's how Clipza works: 

▷ Open the app and let it run while you do your thing. 
▷ Swipe if you want to listen back to the last 15-90 seconds of your practice instantly.
▷ Want to capture a clip to check out later, but keep playing? Just tap.


That's it. 
The app is ideal for performers, athletes, teachers & coaches that want data to support their improvement. You can 

Available: IOS 14.1 and later 



  • Capture & save with one tap (limit of 15)

  • Instant replay with swipe (limit of 15)

  • Clip lengths of 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds

  • Export to any other app (with watermark)

  • Rear and front facing (mirrored) camera

  • Mark favorites

  • Set autosave or auto-delete for instant replays

  • Vertical and landscape capture

  • Change video resolution


  • everything in the free version +
  • unlimited use of the app forever
  • trim videos
  • save as new function after trim
  • export & share without watermark




​This app is truly a game changer for any practice you do in your day. Whether you're in a practice room or at the gym being able to record yourself and watch back on your mistakes is something that is so valuable. Musicians and athletes maintain so many injuries from improper technique and having a 3rd person point of view when practicing is so helpful for better technique and in the long run injury prevention.


Susanna Klein Clipza 1080.png

Susanna Klein

Randall Pharr Clipza 1080.png

Randall Pharr

We are two musicians, Susanna and Randall.

We knew that we should record ourselves often to maximize progress, but (sigh) it’s hard! We were frustrated with the clumsy options for recording and wanted to make it easier.

So we made our own little app.

Clipza is perfect for musicians and other disciplines that benefit from data-driven practice. Seeing is believing, and we can be our own best teachers if we lean in on the recording process.

We hope Clipza will allow you to get better faster, and have some fun along the way.

Download the app and then... get back to practicing! 

❤️ Susanna & Randall


A better recording habit starts now!

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