This page lists some of my favorite apps, books, podcasts, and websites. If it's on this list, I've used it for my own practice.

Clipza App (easy video capture...ok, I admit I made it)

hudle Technique (sports video recording app)                                
tunable (tuner, metronome, recording)                                             
Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer     
Niosh Sound meter app (for noise exposure)                                                                                   

Video Delay Pro  (video analysis)
TW Recorder (easy recording)
Daily Decision wheel (technique randomizer)

SYNKD App (rhythm chains)
Musician's Way (Gerald Klickstein)
Rosindust: Teaching, Learning and Life from a Cellist's Perspective (Cornelia Watkins)
The Savvy Music Teacher and Savvy Musician  (David Cutler)
The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Musical Yourself (William Westney)
The Art of Practicing: a Guide to Making Music from the Heart (Deline Bruser & Yehudi Menuhin)
Atomic Habits (James Clear)
Effortless Mastery (Kenny Werner)
websites & podcasts:
JasonHeath doublebassblog.com
Neil Pasricha (international happiness guru) Blog​
Musicians Way Blog
musician wellness               
Molly Sharp Stretching Routine
Yoga with Adriene
Eva Stern Moves Pilates for Musicians
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