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1) a feeling of empowerment, efficiency, and  joy associated with practicing music.

2) a healthy state of being for practicing musicians, both physically and psychologically.

There is often inherent tension between efficiency, empowerment and joy, and that is as it should be. On the whole, however, they form a sort of three-legged stool.  Inefficiency can crush our sense of empowerment, as there is no quicker way to feel untalented than progressing slowly. Without joy, how can we convince ourselves to practice again and again? Empowerment is necessary for taking on risk and getting outside of our comfort zone.  All three qualities are a necessary component of practice for the long haul, and we must cultivate them and balance them in our daily work.

 The 15  Practizma Principles

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16 weeks of efficiency, empowerment & joy for musicians
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Some of us feel uninspired, some of us feel lazy, and for some the relationship with practice has turned toxic. No matter which description fits you, you can dig your way out. Confidence is a like a muscle, we must exercise it.  In fact I suggest hitting the confidence gym hard, 16 week's worth of hard. Wake us up, shake us up hard.
The Practizma Practice Journal​ is a guided sequence of goal setting, practice tracking, reflections, and action challenges designed to give your practicing a jolt.