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1) a feeling of empowerment, efficiency, and  joy associated with practicing music.

2) a healthy state of being for practicing musicians, both physically and psychologically.





Hi, I'm Susanna

I'm the author of the Practizma Practice Journal.


I believe that we can maximize improvement and

enjoy the journey of being a practicing musician.

The journey is what it's all about.

I think and write about the craft of practice

and all of its paradoxes.

I research and present on data-driven, technology-

enhanced practice, and the psychology of practice.

I love researching augmented music practice and

experimenting with apps, virtual reality, and wearables.

I teach workshops at schools and for individual players.

Topics: Always practice related :)

I create practice blitz videos for string players on YouTube.

I am interested in cultivating "what if" practice, the kind of practice that is stimulating, daring,

surprising, and deeply satisfying.  I think we can make ourselves happy with practice, if done right.

I'm not interested in the subject of how to "nail the audition" or "get the gig", although all of that happens when we are doing the right kind of practice at some point.  I just want to help musicians of all stripes connect to their passion for music and feel empowered through their practice. 

Musician Practice Journal.jpg
Packed with research based strategies to turn your ho-hum practice into extraordinary practice....
Develop your curiosity, discipline, creativity, daring, tenacity and zen.
Take a journey with four elements each week: goal setting, reflection prompt, action challenge, and journal pages to track your practice.
Curious? See more details here. You can also download the introductory chapter of the journal for free - this gives you an idea of what it's all about.