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how to use clipza

Clipza is different from a regular video app. There is not "start" button, it's always recording and ready for "capture".  Capture means it is going to save a small clip. Another way of saying this is it "captures the past".

Clipza is designed for instant playback and capture of moments after they have already occurred. Clipza is not for recording long segments, it's for clips between 15 and 90 seconds long. It is designed to make deliberate practice easier by providing instant feedback with one gesture. Clipza is also ideal for capturing and posting great moments on social media.

The free version of Clipza gets you 15 swipes and 15 taps.  After you have used those, upgrade for a small one time fee to get unlimited access to the full app.

open clipza camera.png
Open Camera
This opens the camera. Wait a second for the "setting up camera" to disappear before you do anything super cool. Once the camera is open, it is ready to capture short clips. The camera is always running, there is no need to turn it on or off.
Instant Replay
Swipe left anywhere on the camera screen to replay the last 30 seconds. Change the 30 seconds to different preset lengths by going to settings if you have upgraded. The clip lengths you can customize to are 15, 30, 60, or 90 seconds.
Tap camera screen once to "capture and save" the last 30 seconds, but keep camera in ready mode for more recording. Your saved clip can be found in video files in the app. Change the 30 seconds to a different length by going to settings if you have upgraded. Tap capture is perfect for "catching" a moment to have later.
With camera open, long tap (hold finger to the screen for a second) to change focus or lighting.
pinch zoom.png
Zoom Camera
While the camera is open, you can pinch two fingers outward to get closer in on a shot.
This is where you will find any saved video files from your swipes (instant replay) and taps (capture). From here you can export, trim, mark favorites with a ♡.
In settings you can
  • Change the camera quality and orientation.
  • Change the clip length, options 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds.
  • Set your swipes to auto save or auto-delete.  You can always override this when you are in the replay screen, but auto-delete is great for "just practicing".
  • Change video quality to low, med, high
That's central command where you can reach everything you need, like your files and settings. The homepage displays your last three favorite clips, just for fun.
The free version limits you to 15 swipes and 15 taps. You'll have to upgrade to keep using it after that. Upgrading is a one time only thing, not a subscription. Here is the difference between the free and premium versions:
Free features
  • 15 swipe, 15 tap limit
  • 15-90 second clip lengths
  • camera orientation
  • autofocus & light adjusting
  • export with clipza watermark
 Premium Features
  • everything in the free version +
  • unlimited use of the app forever
  • trim videos
  • save as new function after trim
  • export & share without watermark
❤️ Clipza?  Please leave us a written review on the app store!

FAQ & Trouble Shooting
Problem: I want to batch export videos.
Solution: When looking at all your files, hit select (top right). Select the ones you want and hit the export symbol. Then chose what other app you want to export to (message, email etc).

Problem: I am getting an error and notification that I am low on storage.
Solution: If you are running low on storage on your device, clipza cannot run properly. Try one or preferable multiple solutions: use lower video quality and make room on your device by deleting old videos, photos, messages etc.  Here is a resource for how to do that. 

Problem: The app is giving me extremely short videos only on playback
Solution: You need to create some storage capacity on your device. Make room by deleting unused apps and media files you don't use. Here is a resource for how to do that. 

Problem: I want the watermark gone
Solution: Upgrade to premium. Please note that videos that were saved before upgrade will still have the watermark baked in, there is no way to change that.
Problem: I would love to shoot longer videos.
Solution: Use your regular camera app on your IOS device. Clipza is only designed to capture short moments in reverse, i.e. what has already happened.  There is a time limit to how far we can go back in time as of now. In future versions, maybe....
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