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Clipza Video Capture App

Ideal for: Performers, athletes, teachers & coaches

Available: IOS 14.1 and later, currently iPhone optimized.
iPad coming soon. In the meantime, you can use  it on your iPad, just search for it by name and download on your ipad. Pull out corners to make it big.

Download or leave us a review here ❤️ TY!

about us

We are two musicians, Susanna and Randall. We knew that we should record ourselves often to maximize progress, but (sigh) it’s hard! We were frustrated with the clumsy options for recording and wanted to make it easier.
So we made our own little app. Clipza is perfect for musicians and other disciplines that benefit from data-driven practice. Seeing is believing, and we can be our own best teachers if we lean in on the recording process.
We hope Clipza will allow you to get better faster, and have some fun along the way.
Susanna Klein Clipza 1080.png

Susanna Klein, designer & founder of Practizma

Randall Pharr Clipza 1080.png

Randall Pharr, developer

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Now get back to practicing!

❤️ Susanna & Randall
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