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 practice blitz

practice workshops for violinists & violists

July 9, 10, 16, 17 at 1pm-2:15 EST

Presenting four live, interactive workshops for the intermediate & advanced players and teachers to strengthen their practice skills. These are "how to practice" sessions


Master Teacher: Susanna Klein

Cost: $25 per Class, or $90 for a pass for all four classes


  • Sessions are designed to learn a variety of practice techniques for specific skills

  • For players and teachers at the intermediate and advanced level (you should be able to do three octave scales)

  • Live & interactive demos via Zoom

  • Includes: e-PDF, instruction, & Q&A time

  • We will use the muting feature in Zoom to be able to “try out” the practice concepts at home during the workshop

  • Access to recorded class for one month after the workshop

  • If you cannot join live, you can watch as a webinar after the class

  • Quote from the last workshop series "I LOVED IT ALL!!! Please let me know if you plan to offer sessions like this in the future. My practice has improved, becoming more productive and pleasant. THANK YOU!" 

Workshop Descriptions

No. 1 Double Stop Practice - How to practice them & sound your best

Date tbd

1pm - 2:15 pm


Ten Ways to Practice Double Stops & Octaves

You probably already know to practice one line at a time, but now what?  Learn at least 10 quick practice hacks for these important skills that don’t bore you to tears. Instrument needed - we will work on things together (muted in zoom). Please bring small double stop and octave bits in your repertoire/etude or scales so you can try out these practice techniques in real time. PDF handout supplied.

No. 2: String Crossings & Contact Point Practice

Date TBD

1pm-2:15 pm


Another double feature: First, we cover contact point practice routines that can become a daily habit. You will gain knowledge and control of the “golden triangle”: the ratio of weight, speed, and contact point. Next we delve into string crossings and how to sound your best moving from string to string.  Learn how to eliminate noise, accents, bumps, hitting extra strings and other frustrations

No. 3 Tension Busters

Date TBA



Tension is the number 1 deterrent to playing with a gorgeous sounde, playing fast, and having stamina. In this workshop I will introduce tension checking mechanisms for the left hand, bow arm, bow grip, the neck, and your body as a whole. Inspired by body mapping and yoga but specifically adapted to our instrument, this workshop gives you the tools to become aware and build new habits. 

No. 4  Ask me Anything

Date TBA



Everyone will get to submit a bar or two for this class ahead of time, and I will show you at least five ways I would practice that bar in question.  I'll be your personal practice genie, but everyone will learn from the examples! Practice spots will be submitted via a form 5 days before the workshop.  We might go longer than 75 minutes on this workshop :)

more info & register

Registration Link

will take you to Ubindi 

Registration tips​:

  • Go on my ubindi page 

  • Scroll through the calendar to find my workshops. 

  • Click the “register” button on one of them (you will have to make a ubindi account) and register for that single class or the bundle (it will say this class is eligible for a pass, and give you the option to buy that).  

  • If you have bought a pass, you must go ahead and register in each of the classes so that it knows you are coming and send you the right link.

  • If you have any questions, email me at

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