practice blitz

practice workshops for string players

January 17,  24, 31, + February 7, 2021 
2pm-3:15 EST

Presenting four live, interactive workshops for the intermediate & advanced players and teachers to strengthen their practice strategies on specific string skills. 


Master Teacher: Susanna Klein

Cost: $20 per Class, or $70 for Pass for all four classes


  • Sessions are designed to learn a variety of practice techniques for specific skills

  • For players and teachers at the intermediate and advanced level

  • Live & interactive demos via Zoom

  • Includes: e-PDF, instruction, & Q&A time

  • We will use the muting feature in Zoom to be able to “try out” the practice concepts at home during the workshop

  • Access to recorded class for one month after the workshop 

Workshop Descriptions

No. 1 Intonation Reboot: Strategies that Don’t Bore you to Tears

Sunday, January 17

2pm - 3:15 pm


Sigh, intonation is the bane of our existence! But working on it in new ways can actually be fun. It’s about cracking the code. We need to know why we play out of tune in a passage, and how we can play in tune consistently. We will work through a variety of intonation practice routines that aren’t the same old same old. Instrument needed - we will work on things together (muted in zoom). Please bring bits of  your own repertoire so you can try out these practice techniques in real time (include shifting and in position work). PDF handout with some musical examples supplied.

No. 2: Spiccato Workshop & The Artist Bow Change

Sunday, January 24

2pm-3:15 pm


This is double feature. The first half is dedicated to spiccato practice routines and discovering spiccato glitches (I used to be able to do this, why isn’t it working?). Learn new ways to control your spiccato in real time.  Next, we break down the art & science of a beautiful legato bow change, and how to practice that in context. Bring bits of your own repertoire,  PDF handout with music examples will also be supplied.

No. 3 Practicing Contact Point & String Crossing Solutions

Sunday, January 31



Another double feature: First, we cover contact point practice routines that can become a daily habit. You will gain knowledge and control of the “golden triangle”: the ratio of weight, speed, and contact point. Next we delve into string crossings and how to sound your best moving from string to string.  Learn how to eliminate noise, accents, bumps, hitting extra strings and other frustrations

No. 4  Practice Efficiency x 10 & the Mental Game

Sunday, February 7



Stop measuring practice time and start becoming more efficient and empowered. It’s superbowl Sunday, and this is no accident: This workshop is about the mental game and what needs to shift in order to  maximize our progress.  Certain habits make you feel more empowered, consistent, and confident, and others do just the opposite. We will find out what to hone and what to ditch. This workshop will feature playing, brainstorming, and retooling of our own attitudes. All instruments welcome - please bring a couple of short excerpts to have available for your own practice, and a phone at the ready. Note that this workshop goes until 3:30 so we have time for wrap up and final questions.

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