practice blitz

mini-workshops for violin

summer of 2020: july 7,  10, 14, and 17, all at 2pm EST

Four worskhops designed to expand the “how to practice” tool box for violinists

$20 per class or $60 bundle pass for all four sessions

​Practice Blitz Mini-Workshops are designed for for intermediate and advanced violin students and teachers who want to learn how to practice more efficiently and learn some new practice tricks. Each workshop is centered on a specific skill. Workshops will be conducted via zoom, and you will receive a pdf handout before each workshop via email. Practice techniques will be explained and then participants will have a chance to try them out while we are muted in zoom. Please read each workshop description below

Workshop Descriptions

No. 1 Ten Ways to Practice Double Stops & Octaves

Tuesday, July 7

2pm - 3:15 pm


You probably already know to practice one line at a time, but now what?  Learn at least 10 quick practice hacks for these important skills that don’t bore you to tears. Instrument needed - we will work on things together (muted in zoom). Please bring small double stop and octave bits in your repertoire/etude or scales so you can try out these practice techniques in real time. PDF handout supplied.

No. 2: Ten Ways to Work on Coordination

Friday, July 10

2pm-3:15 pm


Are you familiar with the left hand/right hand noodle salad? Me too - but there are ways to build you awareness, diagnosing powers, and strength in the left hand. In this workshop we will work on what I call the left/right tango - both for general practice tips (aka scales) and repertoire specific issues. Bring your instrument and some specific rep where you struggle with left/right coordination for silent (muted) trying out of the ideas. PDF handout supplied.

Building a Practice Habit vs. Watching Netflix

Tuesday July 14



Struggling with motivation & Structure? You are not alone. With so much time and so few deadlines, we’ve lost all our carrots and sticks. How to deepen, lengthen, and widen a habit - that’s the question, and it is one that has been well studied for decades in the social sciences. This workshop is designed to tell you about the five mantras of a habit building and have you brainstorm how to apply them to your own practice. No instruments for this workshop, but a notebook and willingness to engage in conversation will come in handy. This workshop is 90 min. long

No. 4 The Practice Genie - Live “how to practice - ask me anything” session

Friday, July 17



This is your chance to ask me about how to practice - any violin skills that have been bothering you. I will move as quickly as I can to propose 3 practice solutions for every problem an audience member asks me about. My assistant will help me move quickly through questions which are posted in the chat.  Intonation, chords, shifting, vibrato, posture, coordination, string crossings, etc. Anything goes - bring it!  We may have to go over time on this one…

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